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Our Mission

At Tusk Financial Planning, our mission is simple: to take care of our clients much like an elephant would take care of one of their own.

"Elephants are intelligent, social animals that demonstrate complex behavior, including empathy and problem-solving.  They have a very social nature, often forming deep family bonds that last a lifetime." -

Our Core Values


Doing what's right

for you...ALWAYS!


Walking miles in someone else's shoes, and understanding why their feet hurt


Going above and beyond

your expectations

Our VISION: a lifelong rewarding & trusting financial relationship with you.

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Who We Serve

At Tusk Financial Planning,

we don't chase wealth;

we help you BUILD it. 

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Our Clients

How We Help

Financial planning doesn't

have to be complicated.

We believe that educating our clients helps empower them to make great decisions.

Our Process

What We Do

Whether it's preparing for retirement, planning for college, reducing debts, minimizing taxes, protecting loved ones, or estate planning...we do it ALL!

Our Solutions & Fees

Giving Back

We believe in giving back, from global causes that better our planet, to local charities and organizations that improve the lives of our neighbors. 

Our Causes

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5 Ways to Stay Confident in Retirement

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